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My hope for this blog is to entertain, inform, and frankly to see if my thoughts interest others enough to justify a publisher considering a novel I’m writing. I’m having a really great time with it: a medical mystery. Currently in a Writer’s Digest class I’m learning more about editing with a critical eye. Certainly different than writing a textbook, which I had the pleasure of doing with my mentor, Dr. J.S. Gravenstein (there is a video about his incredible life on my Entertainment Videos list). So that covers writing…

Reading: I was thrilled to see Louise Penny came out with her newest addition to the Armand Gamache series. I bought it on Kindle right away, but then was able to get the Overdrive audiobook and am about half way through. It’s read by Ralph Cosham whose voice is truly amazing. I generally get through at least a book a week, mostly listening to audiobooks while driving, walking the dogs, doing laundry, grocery shopping, pretending to listen to my children…

Working: It’s a genuine privilege to be involved in the lives of women at such a special time, and generally anesthesiologists get to be the good guys (can you say, ‘epidural?’). Mostly I’m teaching residents how to manage obstetric patients, but occasionally I am asked to take care of someone personally. Last week I did such a case. What a joy to see two people so in love with each other and their new baby. Sadly at our hospital it is not always that way. Many of the pregnancies are unwanted, often without a father present (beyond the first step presumably), and frequently our patients have made bad lifestyle choices which can impact their child.

Living: We dropped our eldest off at Vanderbilt University for her first year of college. I’m thrilled for her in this great new environment, but of course miss her. I really feared I would be a blubbering fool when we returned home, but it hasn’t been as bad as I expected. Teens do such a nice job of weaning themselves from us during the last couple years of high school…of course it helps that we text, email, Skype, etc regularly. How my parents let me head off to a huge university 2 hours from home soon after my 17th birthday, I have no idea. Though I’m eternally grateful they did! And in order to talk I had to stand near the door where the phone was attached to the wall. How’s that for dating myself.

The first Gator football game is tomorrow (since last week’s was rained out – a first). So…go Gators!


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