Update on Writing Conference and College Orientation

PNWA awards.jpgThe PNWA writing conference has ended. I learned a lot and met some really terrific people. I’m pleased to say four agents asked for a formal submission of my medical mystery/thriller, Do No Harm. Sounds wonderful, but I’m told the yield is still excruciatingly small. Still, it’s the next step so I’m excited.  Regarding the Contest…it was an honor to be nominated 🙂 and to have my name said by J.A. Jance, a best-selling mystery author – though I’m embarrassed to say I’m listening to her first book only now. In fact, I’ve not read books by any of the very famous authors at the conference.  One, Kevin O’Brien, who writes thrillers, was hilarious in person. When asked if he read reviews of his books he said, “I read them all, and anyone who writes a bad one on Amazon, I kill in my next book.” Fifty Shades of Grey was of course the brunt of several jokes including, “The reason it’s a best selller? Who would buy a used copy???” The successful authors were interestingly introspective about the new Harper Lee release, “Go Set a Watchman,” mostly feeling it should not have been published. Some commented they intended to burn their unpublished early novels to prevent the same. Does it affect Harper Lee’s legacy? They disagreed on this. I’ve not read it, but loved “To Kill a Mockingbird.”  We all change and grow over our lives, and I suspect writing would reflect that. Also, writing fiction doesn’t necessarily reflect the true feelings of the author. It may affect the legacy of Atticus Finch though…Overall it was a terrific and fruitful meeting. And the icing on the cake was a lovely lunch with an old college buddy, Ron Carovano and his wife, Sandy.

Today I’m at orientation for Virginia Tech with our middle son, Matthew. What a beautiful campus. He’s ready for this, I think we’re ready for this, we’ll see if Virginia is ready for this. Sadly his parents weekend coincides with the Gator-Tennessee game in Gainesville. Tough choice for Neil and me!

On the reading front, in the last few weeks I read or listened to

  • Dead Wake: the Last Crossing of the Lusitania by Erik Larsson, fascinating
  • Hounded by David Rosenfelt in his Andy Carpenter series. I read these with Catherine, my 16 year old. They’re humorous legal thrillers that include a golden retriever, what could be wrong!
  • The Black Cat by Martha Grimes, just started on her Richard Jury series – starting with #22, go figure. Very well done.
  • Deception on his Mind by Elizabeth George, part of her Inspector Lynley series. What is it with me and British crime stories?

Is it horrible that I want to be an author, but download pretty much every book I read?


3 thoughts on “Update on Writing Conference and College Orientation

  1. lorraine

    Really enjoying your blog…..I loved what you said about getting the wrong sock’s at Christmas one year…most traumatising event in your past! So funny!



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