Tammy EulianoI am an academic anesthesiologist at the University of Florida. A what you ask? A physician teacher. After medical school, also at the University of Florida, I completed a four-year anesthesiology residency at…guess where…the University of Florida. Then a one-year fellowship focused on obstetric anesthesia (still at UF). And finally joined the faculty in 1996. I became a full tenured professor in 2014, so now I get to become the deadwood that I complained about as a junior faculty member (just kidding…mostly).

My career has focused on caring for pregnant women and teaching medical students and residents. I have been fortunate to work with my husband’s company, Convergent Engineering, to pursue research interests in maternal-fetal monitoring and preeclampsia detection (a disease of high blood pressure in pregnancy). We have several grants and patents, but so far aren’t changing the world in the way I’d hoped.

After resigning from several administrative positions in 2013 I began working more seriously on medical thrillers. In my spare time I read voraciously, mostly mysteries, historical fiction, and books about teaching, learning, religion, whatever.

Euliano kids

My husband and I have three amazing children and two awesome dogs. We met in college at UF and just can’t leave the Gators.

We are blessed with wonderful friends and family and enjoy spending time together at Lake Santa Fe, travelling, or just playing cards.

Finalist 2017 25 percent

I’m happy to say my novel, “The Cure” (formerly “End of Youth”), was a finalist for the Daphne award. I hope to find an agent/publisher soon.

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